Kelewele #101

Plantain spiced with ginger - Mild / Hot


Kebabs #102

Spicy marinade fried chickenbreast #103

Mild / Hot

Meat or Vegetable Pie #104

Mary's Light Soup #105

Steamed meat, lamb, Chicken or fresh fish, cooked with ginger, chillies, onions and tomatoes.

Yamballs, or Vegetable balls #106

King Prawns spread over Avocado salad #107

(when in season)

Kose with Dip #108

Grinded blackeye beans deep fried.

Fried Spicy Fish #201

Served with fried or cooked yams alternatively potatoe chips with hot dip sauce.

Spinat Sauce #202

A different taste of „the green leave“ cooked in palm oil with special Ghanaian spices.

Waakye #203

A different taste of rice, cooked with beans goes especially with Meatstews.

Fufu #204

Potatoe flour and starch mixed cooked with water. Delicious with lightsoup, groundnut or palmnut soup.

Fufu with groundnut soup #205

Fried Chicken #206

Outward cripsy - inward soft. A mouth watering crispy fried Chicken, hot and spicy pieces on the bone.

Peanut Sauce / Soup #207

Cooked with assorted meat, ginger, onions, chilli and tomatoes. Served with Fufu.

Varieties of Rice #208

Jollof rice, Plain Rice and Rice with beans (Waakye).

Cassava #209

Also known as Maniok, tastes best with Spinat sauce or Meat Stew.

Meat Stew #210

Fried assorted meat cooked in Tomatoe sauce with exotic spices from Ghana.

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